Hijacked domain

You may or may not have heard about the hijacking of the domain from Leslie Harpold. If you haven’t, you can read more on the story at TextismTime is TightMetaFilter, and diveintomark.

What’s funny is that I received an email last week “warning” me that and other variations of “” were being scooped up and that I was at risk of losing my online identity. Considering that another company had before I ever signed up for, and that searching on Google for “burningbird” always returns my web sites (yes, Google is very good for this type of search), I’m not worried over much about it. Besides, I’ll always have “yasd” and “shelley powers”, as well as me when I look in the mirror, thank you very much.

Take more than a domain name theft to steal me.

And for those who are looking for traces of Leslie Harpold, or a souvenir as Mark would put it, don’t forget the Wayback Machine is an invaluable resource for finding “lost” web material.

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