Home sweet home

Other than the fact that my recent comments listing doesn’t show using Navigator on Mac OS X, I’ve found my new home to be quite nice. I am still impressed with the speed of publishing. I took some time off to work on other things, but now I’ll start looking at finetuning my own hacks and seeing what other hacks to add in.

I know that my review and conversion weren’t totally complimentary about WordPress, and that this just isn’t done in weblogging circles; but I thought that the last thing the WordPress people need is a bunch of Movable Type people converting over without forewarning, and then flooding the WP support forum with requests for, well, the things with which I’ve been flooding the forum.

However, from the forum I did find a workaround to the missing post preview. WordPress allows you to attach a password to a post, and when the post is published, all that shows is the title until you enter the password. A member of the support forum suggested that we could use this to preview our posts–in context–and then remove the password when we’re happy with the post. So, I’m using a password of ‘beingpreviewed’ with each of my posts that I’m in the process of previewing, and if you want to see it in the more raw state, just enter this password.

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