Horse slaughter in Missouri

Not only is Missouri home to the largest number of puppy mills in the country, but there’s effort underway to open the nation’s first horse slaughterhouse here.

The infamous Sue Wallis, who has been a leading advocate for bringing horse slaughter back to this country, first introduced the idea of converting a vacant warehouse into a horse slaughter plant near Mountain Grove.

At a public meeting on the proposed plan, the Community Preservation Project’s MacPerson aggressively challenged the idea of bringing in a slaughter house. She provided a fact list about problems with the plant, and rallied strong support in opposition.

Last we’ve heard, the plans for a plant near Mountain Grove has been abandoned, rejected by the community. However, Wallis and her Missouri cohort, Mindy Patterson (of anti-Proposition B, pro-puppy mill fame) are still seeking to build one of these horrid places here in this state. Might be kind of difficult when potential investors see even more facts (PDF) provided by McPerson.

It’s really great to have a motivated lawyer on your side.

Keep up with the opposition at a Facebook page setup for the Community Preservation Project.

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