House Meeting on Proposition B

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The major local story today is the Missouri House of Representatives Agricultural committee on the anti-Proposition B votes.

The meeting was so popular the Fired Up Missouri folks couldn’t even get close to the door.

I was disappointed to hear the same myths and misunderstandings about Proposition B that I fact-checked for the Columbia Missourian.

The main one that was repeated was that Proposition B wasn’t really about dogs, it was about agriculture and eliminating all animal ownership and forcing people into vegetarianism. Absolutely absurd, of course, and insulting to the people of this state. Not only do they want to disallow our vote, they assume we’re dumb as bricks, too.

KSDK coverage

Fox news coverage of meeting

KY3 news coverage

I appreciate the news coverage, but I sure wish at least one of them would do a more in-depth story on the issue. Most seem to just grab talking points.

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