House of Representative second meeting

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The House of Representatives agricultural committee meets a second time on Proposition B, Thursday January 27, right after session adjournment, in House Hearing Room 3.

The Senate meets today, at 1pm, in Senate Committee Room 1.

Of course, after we’ve seen the demeanor and witnessed the bias among representatives attending the House meeting yesterday, we know that Pro-Proposition B forces will not get a fair hearing any of these days.

Majority Whip Jason Smith, who doesn’t have to attend these meetings but can as Majority Whip, was particularly aggressive in his questioning of Proposition B advocates. You understand why when you read that his mother owns one of the Missouri Dirty Dozen—a commercial breeder deemed to be especially negligent.

Normally, I’d be hesitant about bringing in this type of personal information, but Representative Smith had an obligation to inform the room of his personal involvement before participating yesterday, and didn’t.

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