Just Shelley

Hurt the ones you love

I want to, need to, extend my apologies to so many people this week. I have been rude, angry, belligerant, and have done my best to push away those who I do count my friends.

Explanations would take too long and would only bore all of you. Suffice it to say that I’m very, very angry at myself now, which naturally means I’m taking it out on my close friends, such as Jonathon, Dorothea, AKMA and Margaret, Phil C. and unfortunately, too many others.

(I’m pretty sure I also took on most of the known Cluetrain, Small Pieces, and World of Ends readers – and most major divinity schools, too. That probably won’t work in my favor while job hunting.)

I’ll be back as soon as I found that beauty I promised you. Sense of humor, too.

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