I beg to disagree

One last thing, on the subject of online discussions and disagreements.

People will disagree. And that is what makes the world interesting. And people will sometimes be very vehement in their disagreement. This makes things even more interesting. Occasionally this may result in Person A not talking to Person B. Hopefully not often, but this is going to happen.

And if people feel strongly about an issue, regardless of what we say, we are not going to change their mind unless we somehow take on the appearance of Divine Truth.

No, no. Just looked in the mirror. No Divine Truth here.

Unless the issue is one that you feel can’t be ignored, state your opinion, listen to theirs, and agree to disagree. If you can’t ignore their opinion, write the person off and move on. Such is life.

It is okay to agree to disagree. And it’s also okay to write a person off and move on. However, we should use the latter sparingly — if we surround ourselves by people who only agree with us, our lives will be deadly dull.

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