I can’t be the only one

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

…depressed by all the news of buying and selling this week, can I?

The web site, which is supposed to track technology related items of interest reads more like the Wallstreet Journal. There were some vague mumblings about tags coming out of Web 2.0, but most of the story from this pricey event is about which company bought what service, including Verisign buying and AOL buying the Weblogsinc web site.

Verisign and AOL. Knowing both of these company’s backgrounds, I’m sure these two organizations will add much to the environment. Family values and hard-ass corporate greed, all rolled up into one taffy-like ball.

About the only true tech story was Newsgator buying NetNewsWire, but that’s probably because I’ve been working with the Newsgator API this week.

Thankfully, money can’t buy everything: Happy Birthday Wood s lot–may you continue your apostrophe-less presence for many years to come.

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