I knew this one was coming

Surety be damned, the hell if I’m going to see women made the scapegoats for Abu Ghraib.

We’ve gone from this incident being one of frat boy behavior (and supposedly harmless) to blaming it all on women.

My first reaction is: Since when did President Bush get a sex change operation? Buck stops at the top, people. Buck stops at the top.

In some ways, this does reflect the issue of surety and twisting circumstances to an extreme so that a given ’side’ remains blameless. But we women shouldn’t feel singled out– the pundits are also blaming the Muslims and the Academic Left, too.

Personally, I blame the Australians. Damn Aussies, it’s all their fault. If they didn’t drive on the wrong side of the road, and throw around terms like ‘Bugger’ so much, this wouldn’t have happened.

They eat Vegemite, too. I mean, what kind of sick bastard eats Vegemite? But, not content with contaminating their own land, they send their actors and films and music and writing and culture to our country, and what’s worse, speak with a devastatingly sexy accent, which just lures in our youth (and not a few older of us, too), and then look what happens–good clean innocent American boys and girls pile naked men into a pyramid.

Bugger. Vegemite. Hugh Jackman. I rest my case.

(via Feministe)

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