Just Shelley

I left my heart (bed, dishes, books…) in San Francisco

I received a letter from the storage company I rent a unit from in San Francisco — it’s raising the rate on my unit in February. I can’t continue with it so I have to figure out what to do with my ‘wordly goods’.

Once I have a break in writing and screwing around with the technology for this weblog I’ll head over to crawl through the stored items — figure out what to keep and what to sell, and stuff the items I’ll keep into a van I’ll borrow from my roommate.

So this is advance notice for a ‘garage sale’ in San Francisco — webloggers only.

Did I happen to mention I have 11 lava lamps? And then there’s my extensive mineral collection — don’t you all want a lovely dioptase or rhodochrosite thumbnail speciman? Or a Fluorite cabinet crystal? And a bed, table, bookshelves, futon loveseat, and so on. The usual.

But I’m not sure what to do with all my books. I think I’ll just donate them to the library system.

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