Just Shelley

I want my DSL!

(Begin of minutia minute)

The fight continues to try and get my DSL connection to work. I’m impressed with the amount of time and effort that Earthlink is expending on the problem – I was in conversations for several hours on Wednesday with two technicians, as well as a detailed conversation with an advanced troubleshooting technician yesterday.

My problem is that I’m suffering from weak signal strength – having a signal of 6.5 when a signal of at least 9 (what?) is needed. And since we’ve eliminated the radio towers as a problem (they’re over 1/4 of a mile away), as well as the fact that I don’t have an alarm system or a digital TV system, all that’s left is to check the physical connections. Yet another technician, yet another conversation.

The modem isn’t bad, but I need a faster and more reliable connection for work I’m trying to do on multiple servers. Grrr.

Update: Busy little elves were hard at work because I have DSL today!

(Image of Shelley doing wild, ecstatic, naked dance around her laptop, hoopin’ and hollerin’. World is concerned that perhaps Stavros is having a very bad influence on the Bird.)

(End of minutia minute)

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