iCephalopod V

More cephaloporn thanks to Mr. Moult, who is also the happy owner of the domain.

The site linked has some wonderful, though short, videos of Taningia danae, eight armed squid, captured recently by Tsunemi Kubodera. They demonstrate how amazingly quick and aggressive squid can be. When you consider how big the colossal was that was recently recovered, 39 feet long, almost 12 meters, makes you think twice about going for a dip, eh?

At least I didn’t invoke Gorton’s Law and equate colossal with tire sized calamari:

In the tradition of Internet adages, I’d like to add another. In any discussion of sea life, no matter how rare, strange or disgusting, some knucklehead will always ask how well it goes with lemon or butter. I am calling this Gorton’s Law.

In case you haven’t been around, like, forever, I wrote a four part story on giant squid, Nessie, legends, and cryptozoology back in 1997, which is when I started developing a fascination of all things in our Other World. In celebration of its ten year anniversary, a link to the first part, A Tale of Two Monsters: Legends.

I wonder if I’ll get my annual nasty email from Jan?

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