If only we didn’t have to live with decisions

’ve upset, disappointed, or angered people recently, through action and decision. However, lest you think this is a po’me writing, with me crying on your shoulders, think again–these folks are right to be mad at me. To them, what I’ve done is wrong, and I’m not going to disagree with them.

I didn’t act as I did because I felt morally superior, or justified. I didn’t trip about lightly because the act was easy, and had no costs. I am aware, daily, in the silences, of what was lost. I knew all the consequences of my actions before making a move. And I still moved, not because I felt my way was the only right way, and others were wrong; but because my way was the only right way for me.

And I have no regrets. Well, no regrets at the decisions.

See you next week.

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