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If you can read this, you’re lucky

I am playing on the server today, which means if you can read this now, you’re lucky. Expect slow access times and strange pages. Broken Things.

In the meantime, Jonathon finally introduces us to his new friend, Reimi, a beautiful gray haired, green eyed lady. In fact, she looks a bit like my own lovely lady, Zoe.


Dorothea is burning … bread. I hear you Dorothea: my alarm goes off every time I make toast. I personally like burnt toast, almost black in color. I think there’s nothing like a little carbon to get you going in the morning.

BTW, Dorothea and I have the same taglines on a dare, but I kind of like “An unnatural manifestation of androgynous weblogging” for my weblog. I’m thinking of keeping it. A poll to my weblog readers, which do you prefer:

An unnatural manifestation of androgynous weblogging


A node at the edge

Today is an extremely good RDF day, and I am zooming along at the speed of light. Productivity, thou art my middle name. (Well, actually, it’s Rae, but who’s picking nits?) When I get to a good breaking point in the writing, I have two book reviews to post (on “The Sportswriter” and “The Rings of Saturn”), and the weblog to create for my book-on-the-hoof Coming of Age in John Birch Country.

(Hint. And you all should have have an application or two to play with this coming week. Hint.)

That’s all. Go about your lives.

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