I’ll never quit blogging

I love April Fool’s Day. It’s the only day of the year when we can all be Web 2.0 entrepreneurs.

There’s all sorts of people moving to different companies, but the only one that counts is that Head Lemur is moving to Microsoft. As for me, well, I’m not supposed to mention this yet, but Six Apart has hired me as the company’s new public relations specialist. My job will be to yell at people for Mena. Yes, she points, I yell, and Anil pats me on the head, tells me I’m a good girl, and gives me an animal cracker.

My first task will be to help co-write a book with Kathy Sierra entitled, Butt First into Ruby. The language, not the IBM guy. Well, maybe the language and the IBM guy.

Did I mention I’m dating Dave Winer? Google Romance hooked us up, and Dave got lucky.

Enough with this serious stuff and on with the jokes:

One of the funniest and extensive Fool’s Day jokes is Slashdot’s new pink look. OMG! Ponies!

According to Commander Taco:

Our marketing department has done extensive research over the last 3 quarters and discovered that our audience is strangely disproportionately skewed toward males. Like, 98.3% males to be precise. To correct this oversight, we have decided to subtly tweak Slashdot’s design and content to widen our appeal to these less active demographics.

The comments are good, but my favorite is one where the person is saying the site isn’t pink–it’s light red.

PinkDot is good for two chuckles: the first today; another when I trot out a screenshot the next time someone says there is no stereotyping in technology.

I also liked Jason Gried’s Build your own Web 2.0 Application using Fluff and Hot Air, but Yahoo Blog’s has got to be the best:

So after some long discussions with Tim O’Reilly, Michael Arrington, and other Web 2.0 experts, we’ve decided to just buy Web 2.0.

All of it. All the people, the round cornered boxes, crazy business ideas, and pastel colors.

Someone needs to let Slashdot know that pink is now owned by Yahoo. Would they be happy with a light red, instead?

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