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It never rains but it pours

I just had an unexpected visit from the IRS. They showed up at my door with no warnings. I had no idea there was any problem, or anything wrong.

It would seem they don’t have the last form 940 for my corporation, which I closed in 2002. I had a letter to this effect last year, about not getting this form. That was cool, so sent them a copy. Didn’t hear another word. Not another word in over six months.

I also filed on time for my individual taxes for 2002 (filed in 2003) and 2003 (filed in 2004). Since I didn’t have the cash to pay the taxes owed, I sent in the form requesting payments, and have been making payments for my taxes owed last year ever since. I also just now received a letter from the IRS, on Friday, accepting my payment plan for both years and giving me a form to make first payment for the combined liability. But then Monday I received a note that all taxes were due, because none had been paid, and forms not filed.

And then I received a visit this morning from the IRS.

I hope I can find my copies of everything. Luckily the bank maintains copies of the checks, and I found my returns. I hope that none of the paperwork I need was in the unit that I sold off. I can’t afford a lawyer to represent me.

The bizarre thing about form 940 is that it would have nothing to do with taxes paid. I was an S corporation, and therefore didn’t pay corporate taxes. I paid my unemployment, and my social security, too. I paid income taxes through my individual tax return, and she said I did pay for all monies on my individual account – but I didn’t file the 940.

So now I’ll spend my day going through all my papers again, and faxing anything I can think of–because if I don’t she told me she will pursue financial and criminal avenues by the end of the week. So I’ll fax everything! Everything! And then hope this isn’t seen as a nuisance and therefore also make me criminally liable.

And it was a nice day, today, too. I thought about going for a walk.

At least there’s one good thing: it wasn’t someone from Ashcroft’s office, investigating me for my past critical writing about him and the President.

(Ooops! Well, now I’ve done it, haven’t I?)

If I end up in jail, will you bake me a cake?


Sorry for ’sharing too much’ with this post. I was finishing up my previous post when the IRS agent came by, and just sort of wrote my reactions. I realize, though, that this can fall into that category of “information you’d rather I not share”.

It does look like I have all the paperwork needed. Still rattled though. But will try and post happy writing later. Except that I was going to write about how amazed I am that no one seems to be questioning the Spirit of America. I can’t be the only person hesitant about the premise behind this operation, am I?

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