It Snowed Little Yellow Flowers

The most difficult aspect of moving to Savannah (other than moving during a pandemic) is getting used to the weather.

You expect the hot and humid summers. But it’s the lack of clearly defined seasons that feels a bit off.

The Savannah temperature is mild in the winter. When it falls below freezing at night, it always warms to above during the day. There are times when you can go about in t-shirts and shorts, even close to Christmas. I had both roses and azaleas blooming late into December.

Pink Azalea bud
Christmas blooming azalea

Because there is no harsh winter, the spring doesn’t pop up like it does in more northern climates. Fall is a gradual process of browning, and Spring seems to be a gradual process of unbrowning.

That is, until you see the Carolina Jessamine bloom. You go for a walk one day and suddenly you see it everywhere: delicate, beautiful tulip-shaped flowers covering every tree and bush. It’s like Christmas, but in Spring: every tree is dotted with bright yellow flowers.

Jessamine vine
Carolina Jessamine vine

During the night when it rained and the wind blew, it snowed bright yellow pollen and little yellow flowers.

Jessamine flowers scattered on the ground
Fallen Jessamine flowers
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