It’s cool to be evil

I think Dave’s got the right of it: kicking Google, like kicking Wikipedia, is the new cool. Oh, I have my doubts about both; but then, I’ve always had my doubts about both. Even when the lemmings flocked on the side of do no evil.

I do want to point out, though that my Practical RDF book is in Google’s book search. As is Unix Power ToolsEssential Blogging, and Developing ASP Components, 2nd Edition. That’s a lot of online content when you consider this is in addition to the millions of words, code how-tos and examples, and photos I’ve published online: here in my weblog, at several online magazines, and up on Flickr.

Luckily there aren’t more people cheap like Steve Rubel, or I wouldn’t be able to afford to continue posting to this weblog, publishing my photos online, creating and giving away code, as well as answering questions and helping folks when I can.

I wonder, then, who it is that is supposed to change? Google for publishing the bits from the books? Or Ruebel for not spending a dime on content that helps make people like him famous?

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