It’s not all dark matter

I usually agree with Mark Morford but rarely have I found myself in such strong agreement with him, as I did with his column today.

He writes in response to the question: how can he write about dogs or yoga or sex in cars when there is so much evil in the world. He responds with:

The world’s tragedies absolutely deserve our immediate attention. And our hope. And our divine raw funky sexed-up intellectual perspective. This is not a question.

But what it needs even more is the counter-energy. For us all to remember to shut it all off and get the hell away from the computer and go have a glass of wine and a deep tongue kiss and a romp and a an intense book and a hot sweaty yoga class and a soft swoon to an incredible blues singer. This fuels the resistance. Rekindles meaning. Steals life back from those who would deign to devour it with pitchforks and judiciary committees and heavy artillery.

After all, real life is not in the dour headlines

Though I could have wished that he had left off his anger with Bush, because it detracts from his message, overall it is compelling reading with one important point: all of life is not dark matter, all the time.

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