It’s raining puppies

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

When the Missouri legislature isn’t working on repealing child labor laws, it’s going after puppies.

Today, the House Agriculture Policy committee voted to support HB 131, which isn’t a surprise. As I just wrote, HB 131 pretends to be a “modification” of Proposition B but completely guts it.

The Rural Community Development committee also had a public hearing on HJR 17, which wants to modify the State Constitution so that past, current, or future law related to animals can never been passed using citizen initiative. Because, you know, we’re so stupid when it comes to animals, and they’re so smart.

Of course, not only will HJR 17 undermine Proposition B, it will also bring back dog and cock fighting. And who knows that miserable torturous activity the anti-animal folks will invent in the future.

Representative Jason Smith, of Smith’s Kennel fame, stated that this bill is to prevent outside groups from coming in and telling Missouri farmers what to do. What a crock. There’s nothing in the bill about outside organizations—Representative Smith doesn’t want Missouri voters telling Missouri farmers what to do. Yet Missouri farmers have no qualm about telling other Missouri business what they can, and cannot, do.

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