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Johnson Shut-Ins and the political gaming

There was a story in St. Louis Today about the Johnson’s Shut-Ins and possible criminal charges that State Attorney General Nixon might be filing because of the dam break. Ameren is dragging its feet on restoration because, the company says, while this is hanging over the corporate head, it’s not sure what is or is not covered by insurance, and therefore the company doesn’t know what it will or will not do.

Black River News has more on a local meeting between area residents and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources director, Childers. He basically parroted what was said in the St. Louis today: if Nixon pursues this course, the company (hint hint) may not re-build the dam or do other work it originally committed to do.

Now let’s look beneath the headlines. State Attorney General Nixon is the Democratic challenger to now Republican Governor Blunt. DNR director Childers is a Blunt appointee–brought in as part of the sweep made of the DNR when Blunt took office. And who ordered Nixon to pursue criminal charges in the first place? Matt Blunt.

Not to let Nixon off, when his office is contacted about the Shut-Ins, they basically redirect people back to the DNR. No one wants to take responsibility for anything, except for the money–everyone wants the money. In the meantime, the conditions at Johnson’s will only worsen: impacting on both the environment, as well as a primary source of income for that area.


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