Joplin Update: the sweet and the sour

It does a heart good to see how much support and help Joplin is getting. The town needs it, too, because it has suffered through so much pain this week.

The Joplin Humane Society Animal Adoption and Resource Center is doing an outstanding job, with the help of the ASPCA, HSMO, HSUS, and American Humane Association. At last count, the organizations have rescued 573 pets and reunited 147 with their owners.

Among some of the pets was a quaker bird that actually flew to the shelter on its own. There have also been happy reunions between one person and her flock of chickens, and another owner with his boa constrictor, in addition to the more common cats and dogs (and fish, and ferrets, and…). The shelter will take pets from owners who have lost their homes and care for them, as long as necessary.

Folks have really stepped up with donations, and purchases from the Joplin HS Amazon wish list. UPS will have to deliver the purchases with a semi. Or two. Petsmart sent two truck loads of food, and other organizations have been equally generous.

However, with all the sweet news, we have some sour. As the watchdog site noted in a new article, various commercial dog breeders and members of the notorious HumaneWatch corporate front site have been attacking the Joplin Humane Society because the organization asked for help from national organizations. As the screen shots show, the HumaneWatch people have implied that the national organizations are “stealing” the pets away to “sell” in other states, and making other equally absurd claims.

Most people recognize bilge water when they see it, but the folks in Joplin don’t need such ugliness. Hopefully such mean spirited viciousness will end up biting these people in their own butts. In the meantime, we can focus on the good that people do, and ignore the rest.

update The Joplin HS has put out a request for donations for a cooler for the emergency shelter, since the weather is heating up. You can find a donation button at the link earlier in the page. In addition, they’ve also asked for Kuranda beds for the cats and dogs. These beds are the preferred bed for all animal shelters.

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