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Kevin tweets

I may have to break my “No Twitter” zone just to read Kevin Marks. Yesterday he came up with, It’s an ad feminam attack which, frankly, I will make use of in the future. Then today:

Yes, it’s web 2.0 misanthropy week. Who else is sounding like Scrooge?

Well, me in a way. I’m tired and it shows. I’m heading into my weblog’s seven year anniversary, but my shelf life feels like six. I also reacted to one person, who I should have ignored. Then I used that person to tar and feather the rest of weblogging, which, though isn’t necessarily undeserving, isn’t particularly useful in the long term.

Who is wrong?

Everyone. They’re all bastards.

Oh. Well I guess we don’t have a starting point for improvement, do we?

But, you know, the snow has been pretty. My cat is cute. I have friends, virtual and otherwise. And we’re not being blasted to death by radiation from a nearby black hole. We’re ahead.

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