I’ve been quieter than anticipated this week, primarily because I’m working on a very long essay, which I should be able to post tomorrow. I hope so because I need to finish my work for Roger at JournURL especially since I keep causing him work (”Say, Roger, you know wouldn’t this be nice if…”) Beware you sons and daughters of the computer, of the Mark of the Documentor.

As much as I need to finish work this week, and get outside more, I am very glad for the essay I’m writing. It’s helped me look more closely at some of the frustrations I’ve experienced the last few years, and more closely at some of the anger, too. Both aren’t necessarily gone–just better understood, which is more important. The boogeyman is just a heap of clothes when you turn on the lights. But we need the boogeyman.

In the meantime, the Atom 1.0 specification was released and there was a lot of back and forth on this, ignored by many, because most of us will produce and consume both, anyway. Ignored, that is, other than to give a nod of thanks to both sides, and say well done, because we shouldn’t take either the producing or the consuming for granted. This was hard work, and hard work should always be appreciated.

And I like how Tim Bray has learned how to apply Marketing 101: Kicking the Bear.

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