Language of conquest, vocabulary of occupation

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

In CNN, from the report on the 25,000 rally for the US troops at “Ground Zero” in New York:

“Some of you may have seen yesterday in Baghdad a picture of a statue of that evil dictator being toppled and dragged through the streets by Iraqis,” Pataki said to the cheering crowd.

“Let’s melt it down. Let’s bring it to New York and let’s put it in one of the girders that’s going to rise over here as a symbol of the rebuilding of New York and the rebuilding of America.”

Though there has never been any proof that Saddam Hussein or the people of Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 or Al-Queda, the Governor of New York talks about using Saddam Hussein’s statue in the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. After the US flag draped over the statue yesterday, could there have been any other act more guaranteed to continue the confusion and the alarm with which the Arab world views our presence in Iraq?

Perhaps 25,000 of us need to march to New York and tell the Governor that if he wants the statue, he’ll have to ask the owners. The people of Iraq. You know, the people we just liberated?

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