Laura Croft: Tomb Raiders

‘m trying out Blogger Pro functionality for review purposes, so expect things to come and go (Yes, I am still doing MT, but review first, play later).

Actually very nice tool! It might not have all the bells and whistles, but what it does have is very attractive. The ability to draft a posting, and then repost it and have the same comments attached is incredible!


After the first 1/2 hour all I can say is, this (Laura Croft:Tomb Raider) will improve, won’t it? The rest of the movie isn’t this bad, is it?

Update Bad. Really bad. After an hour I finally shut it off. How did Angelina Jolie get herself into this tripe?

The War Bus was better, and in that movie, some of the “dead” extras got up and ran during one of the scenes when the fire got too close — and the camera kept rolling. < edit />


After concerned emails from friends of the Bird (?), I decided I needed to lighten up. Do you know how I’m going to do this, hmmm?

I’m going to watch that horrible, trashy, overplayed, and oversexed movie “Laura Croft: Tomb Raiders”. This is another movie I haven’t seen and decided to try.

Woman kicking butt. What’s not to like?


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