Less than Agile

I’ve been pretty tired the last few days, and I have a lot of work to do–on both the project and book. As such, I won’t be writing as much for the next couple of weeks. I do have the post on agile programming I promised to Stavros the frugal chicken, and maybe a few other odds and ends. Something fun maybe.

I did want to thank those who commented and are still commenting on the last post. Everyone has been cordial, even in disagreement, and there’s been a great deal of thoughtful discussion. If I’m not joining in as much, it’s because sometimes I just want to read and enjoy the comments.

Well, I also have to admit that I’ve given into the dark side of the force. I so want to buy a SUV. And did you hear? WindowsXP boots on a Macbook Pro!

Another thunderstorm rolling in. And to think we’re still a month away from our peak season. I was reading that the same conditions that make for an active storm season in the midwest in the spring, could also be responsible for floods in the north, the drought in the south, in addition to being the same conditions that make for an active hurricane season in the Atlantic in the summer: warm Gulf and Atlantic waters, and a La Nina effect in the Pacific.

HaHaHaHa! Those underground Tahoe commercials. They crack me up. Can hardly hear the thunder, I’m laughing so hard. My Daddy didn’t love me. This is how I compensate.

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