Just Shelley

Life Jan 15 2002

Beautiful sunrise, too little sleep, and only instant coffee to drink since I forgot to get beans yesterday. Incoming mail box with 83 emails. The sweet and the sour. Yin and Yang.

I’m still thinking of the SF Gate article. One thing I liked about it was the different look at Islam portrayed in the article. Since September 11th, we’ve all looked for common points of connection between the three major religions – Christian, Jewish, Muslim. We looked in churches, in shared services, in philisophical discussions, and in the books representing each faith; in other words, within the sublime elements of religion.

We should have been looking at the everyday practice of faith, at the fact that all people have one thing in common: sometimes we would rather take a nap than attend a meeting, religious or otherwise. We don’t tiptoe at the tops of temples; we walk at the base. If we want to connect, we have to join hands on the ground floor.

My, aren’t I deep early in the AM. Must be the instant coffee. I promise to buy beans today.


Nothing like having to go through your postings for the day, correcting all the misspellings, fractured grammar, dangling participles, and unwashed pronouns.

However, I have my fishies to keep me company.

Nice fishies. Tasty fishies. Gollum. Gollum.

Watched Shrek tonight; it suited my rather off the wall mood resulting from writing on books, articles, and this heah (that’s accent, not misspell) weblog for 18 remorseless, unforgiving, and unmerciful hours! Fingers are permanently hooked.

To bed!

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