Lighter moments

Beware the Phil! Protect your textareas! Phil Ringnalda, responding from his semi-regular weblog hiatus to a quip by Anil Dash about being silenced:

While you were watching mailing lists, I landed three Firefox patches, including a FF2 blocker, and one that was once a 1.5 blocker in two different bugs, though we gave up on it later.

There’s just so very, very many textareas on the web: it’s hard to be sure there won’t be one I can put something into when the desire strikes.

Thanks to 3QuarksDailyMy Memories of My Geisha. Especially:

My geisha loves to unwind from her long, hard day of entertaining me by drawing me a warm, soothing bath, adding salts and mixing in exotic fragrances. She improvises a song about my hairy little potbelly. I’ve always been self-conscious about that feature on my body, but hearing it put into song makes me feel special.

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