Just Shelley

Lighter than air

I arrived at LA yesterday at 11AM and California threw a party. Lots of rattling and rolling. Drive to San Francisco was rush hour the entire distance between the two cities. I cancelled my plans to drive 101 tomorrow due to the quake – so it’s the I5 corridor and LA–again.

Yesterday I also delivered my mineral collection to a very, very nice lady, and today the contents of the storage unit. I’m now sitting at the hotel in the business center using the unbelievably crappy Windows98 machine to write this, trying to decide if dropping all my anchors leaves me feeling incredibly free, or cast adrift and lost.

Tomorrow I head back taking a very southerly route into new territory, but first– a favor. I am so exhausted, mentally and physically. Need a little Christmas cheer, so if you have a spare cycle, a spare penny or two, and a moment, give me a call on my cell, tell me what pics you want me to take on ride home. I found an extraordinary one that I want to print and frame for AKMA and Margaret, and a couple of others I wish I could upload for you.

Cellphone number is (removed). If you’re a psycho crazy man with a lust filled heart, please don’t call.

Well, okay – Chris Locke, you can call.

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