Link stripper

Stripper plugin update: Rather than strip out the hypertext links, I’m going create the RDF data entries whenever the post is saved, but only remove the links temporarily, and only when the page is displayed. This way the links are maintained within the text, which should reassure at least one person who I know might be interested in using this plugin.

It’s the only way to be able to maintain the link order and numbering even after the post is edited. I still want to put the data in the RDF file, as the SeeAlso functionality–which includes links to resources not necessarily directly linked within the document–also adds data to the RDF file, as do other plugins I’m creating (for photos, post info, and so on).

This functionality will end up being three plugins: one to create the RDF entries when the post is saved; one to output the entries to the syndication feeds; and one to add the references list at the bottom of a post when the post is published. This is in addition to the SeeAlso metadata extension, which allows a person to add references outside of normal linking.

Yes, this is going to be better.

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