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Load of hooie isn’t in the guidebook

I’m sorry, I used a term like “a load of hooie” in my last posting rather than using some more learned discussion. I didn’t treat Clay’s article with the serious reverence due to it, and didn’t use enough words from the “How to impress people when you write” guidebook, here next to my computer.

I’ll make sure to use words of more than one syllable next time I write, so that I don’t insult my readers.

So I guess I’ll link to other more learned colleagues:

Alex Halavais Power Less

Mark Pilgrim Power Laws and Priorities

Jonathon Delacour’s Stuck(?) in the middle again

I had missed the posting Stavros did on this.

And Phil, who started all of this.


I gather this posting came off as somewhat defensive or perhaps even petulant. I’m sorry. I’ve let you all down.

Seriously, this wasn’t meant to be petulant. I was joking. But then after I posted it, I found I wasn’t joking. Hard to explain. However, no one’s comments, which are excellent and generous as always, were responsible for this posting. I wanted to make that assurance. And Mark’s, Jonathon’s, and Alex’s postings are good, which is why I linked to them.

And Phil: Zoe’s curled up in my lap right at the moment, and sends you purrs.

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