Just Shelley

Lost autumn

I lost autumn this year. It was just beginning here in St. Louis when I went to Idaho, and just ending when I got there. When I returned to St. Louis, most of the leaves were gone from the trees. It’s rather interesting how disorienting this can be. If you watch Firefly, it reminds me of my favorite episode, Out of Gas, when Mal wakes after passing out from being shot. In his mind, he’s hearing voices from the past; as he gains consciousness and becomes more aware, they’re overlapped and eventually merge with the quiet conversations of the people in the room.

My hosting company will be upgrading us again to PHP 4.4.1, but I’m prepared. When I learned that the other Wordform sites had no problem, I knew the culprit was the aggregator desktop plugin I was using; I’ve since deactivated it.

While originally unnerving, the incident was helpful in the long run. It reminded me that I need to create a port routine from Wordform back to WordPress for the other users. After all, I may suddenly shuffle off this mortal coil, or move to a tropical island without wireless or something someday. I also have to decide if I want to continue with Wordform or consider a way of building all my various modifications into extensions and plugins that can run on WordPress. I like the independence of my own code base, but things happen and I may not always be around to handle sudden upgrades to PHP. Besides, there are some cool kids using WordPress — how can I deprive them of the fruits of my genius?

I also turned 51 last Friday. I was going to write that I don’t feel it, but realized that yes, right at the moment, I do. Which means now that the weather is cool, and the biting, stinging beasties are in hibernation, and the humidity down, I have to get off my doofus. After all if we, you and me, are going to dance and walk and talk all night and toast the Texas sunrise in the proper manner–with margaritas and brass– at SxSW, I have to get prepared. I’m too young to feel old.

But you knew I’d say that.

I am become rather dull lately.

You knew I’d say that, too.

I have to focus on work, and will be posting lightly.

Yup, yup — you saw that coming, too.

I need to get back out on to the trai–stop, don’t even need to complete that sentence.

You know me too well. The blush is off the bloom, the mystery is gone. We’re like an old married couple you and I–just before the affair.

But at least I didn’t write about Goo…uhp! That did it.

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