Lots of writing

Lot’s of writing lately. Most of it has been focused on the books (RDF and Unix Power Tools, both for O’Reilly), but I have been making time to write new articles for the BurningBird Network (long overdue).

Some of the articles are technical; some are not. Of the non-technical articles, I’m writing about hiking trails in San Francisco (finally, content for NetJetter), going to Universal Studios in LaLa Land (“One Ticket, Please”), and one for the dog lovers in the crowd, “Walking Among the Dog People”. In this latter article, I’ll introduce you to Arial the Black Lab and the Shmoozing Red Dobie.

As for the technical articles, be forewarned: I am a technical anarchist. I believe, strongly, that chaos is an essential element of innovation. Yes, there are times when standards and global agreement are essential; however, there are also times when any form of organizational control inhibits rather than enhances growth. So RDF and RSS 1.0 and open source, yes; UDDI and RSS 0.93 and Passport, no. And there can be no controller within a cloud.

In the 1950’s, our reach exceeded our technical capabilities. Today, our technical capabilities are exceeding our reach; we put a half-egg with a screen attached to it on the cover of Time and call it innovation.

Blogicon item – Mike at Keep Trying mentions that we need a verb that will encompass both writing and reading blogs. We could extend to blog to mean both read and write a weblog. What think? Other suggestions?

<edit > I forgot to mention that the articles discussed above will go live January 25th. As a form of discipline (discipline, what’s that?), I’m going to a semi-monthly publishing schedule at Burning Bird Network – publishing new content (and there will be new content) on the second and fourth Friday of every month. This will, hopefully, keep the spider webs from forming over my content. </edit>

<edit> Jonathon caught my ba-a-a-d use of markup. To mark newly added content, use opening and closing <edit> </edit> tags; for removing content, replace it with the empty tag: <edit />

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