Love’s in the air

Seems as if love’s in the air in blogdom. It started with Jeneane’s declaration of simple love and continued with AKMA’s wonderful reaffirmation of his love for his wife, Margaret.

Mike’s newest Sandhill Trek interview is about love, and encompasses some of his best writing to date, in my opinion. And Jonathon asks a question:

I wonder whether some people are better equipped to love than others, or simply more skilled at it, or got better lessons in loving (or studied more seriously), or does it just—as the cliché suggests—come down to working at it?

Are we born to love? Or is it an acquired skill?

Love. Makes the world go round and then turns it upside down, like a roller coaster, and some people stay in the cart for the ride and others fall out, and it hurts like hell when you hit the ground.

Love. Lots of talk about love. Should we talk about love? In a comment attached to Jonathon’s post, Stavros writes:

I’ve always felt that the real thing is cheapened by talk, and prostituted by poetry.

Yeah, lots of talk about love. But I have nothing to contribute about love, so all I can do is link and move you along to others with something to say.

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