Mainlining aggregation feeds

No worries that I’m going to fill up my space with photo shows and old writing from now defunct web sites. It’s okay to have a bit of fun now and again, but neither is particularly toothsome, or amenable to this environment.

I did want to say that the title of the last post really does have to do with the song, not my own personal state. I have no intention of quitting weblogging at this time. I may take long breaks now and again – we all do. But quitting sounds too much like giving up smoking or drinking or drugs.

“So, how much did you do a day?”

“I was up to posting two, sometimes three times a day.”

“Shit! No, really?”

“Yeah. On a really bad day, I’d post five or even ten posts.”

“Ten posts! Man, I’m amazed that you’re still standing here, sane.”

“Yeah. First it was posting from my computer at work, like normal people. Then I actually started to write to my weblog during my off-hours.”

“Off-hours! Geez, nobody blogs during off-hours.”

“I know, tell me about it. From there it was a downhill race to the bottom: moblogs, weblogging conferences, the whole thing.”

“Wow. I’m suprised you didn’t end up in an alley somewhere, begging dimes for online time at the nearest Internet cafe.”

“It was close. I was touch and go there for a while. When I thought about mainlining my aggregation feed, though, that’s when I knew I needed help.”

“Smart. So, when are they going to let you out of the restraints?”

So, I may take long break, and any of us may take a break and not return, but I’m not going to quit. Besides, where else are you going to find such an equal opportunity A-List basher like me?

But I am sick as a dog tonight from some kind of tick toxic/allergic reaction. Fever of 102, babies. It’s bad enough that I have the normal risks with ticks everyone has–to also be allergic to them seems unfair. However, there is no such thing as a ‘hidden’ tick with me, because the bite mark gets badly inflamed.

Unfortunately, the bites also leave a scar. I have so many bite scars around my ankle now, that I’m thinking of getting a tatoo to connect the dots.

I know, too much sharing. I told that to a friend this week, “You’re sharing too much”. I was joking, really I was – I would never tell a person they’re sharing too much in all seriousness. I might run into a closet and burst into insane laughter; but I would never tell them they’re sharing too much.

*tap* *tap* Hello? Hello? Is this thing working?

Damn, I forgot. Happy Canada Day!

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