Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I just published my last guest post for Many-to-Many I wanted to thank Liz, Clay, Hylton, Ross, Sebastien, and Jessica for having me over. I hope I didn’t trash the place too much.

Today the weather was glorious, but I didn’t go far in my wanderings – just down to the Meramec river for a walk along its banks. I have discovered the Missouri, but I won’t forget my original love, the smaller, gentler Meramec.

And my bridge. Always I take pictures of my bridge. As excuse for my repetition of subject, I remind you of the great painter Frida Kahlo, who mainly painted one subject: herself. Sometimes the subject of the work doesn’t tell the story; it’s how the subject is viewed over time that tells the tale.

Or perhaps I just like this bridge and this excuse seemed as good as any.


I also stopped by Powder Valley for a quick trip and discovered this gentle doe by the side of the road, eating the choice greens and flowers. She seemed so fragile and thin that I found myself worrying about her. But I know she’s in a protected place with lots of good food – she’ll thrive. We all do when we feel safe.


See you on the flipside with the next vacation postcard. Having a great time, wish you were here.

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