Missing developer

Sadly, when I recovered this post in 2023, it was after Danny Clune’s body was found

Rogi pointed out a news item about BookCrossing’s lead developer, Danny Clune, gone missing since early Saturday morning, November 6th, in Sandpoint, Idaho.

I called my Mom, who lives in this community, and asked her if she recognized the name and she said yes, that his picture and posters asking about his whereabouts are on every light pole in the downtown Sandpoint area. She said the story was frequently in the news, and that the police had focused on searching the lake until this week, thinking he may have fallen in. A bit of a surprise that, because that would be a very difficult bridge to fall from accidentally. This week the police started questioning the people who were in the bar.

I hope the family finds answers, soon. In the meantime, there is a site with more information, and where people can contribute to the search fund.

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