Missouri: where to be this election

Sam Ruby pointed to the Electoral Vote Predictor making note that it may all come down to Missouri. Watch it closely.

Missouri is what’s known as the bellwether state, picking the winning President more than any other state in the Union – only missing once in the last 100+ years. This includes picking liberal presidents as well as conservative, surprising people who see Missouri as being ‘conservative’ – especially in light of the recent vote on the anti-gay marriage amendment.

Not surprising, though, when you consider that ‘gay’ marriage isn’t necessarily an issue split between liberal and conservative lines – a mistake the gay marriage proponents made when campaigning in this state.

At American Street and his own weblog, Chuck Currie wrote on the recent vote:

Bigotry and bad judgment won out in Missouri tonight.

If there’s anything we learn from the political processes in the United States this year, it’s that the choices we’re being asked to make are neither inherently good, nor inherently evil. Those in favor of gay marriage need to scratch beneath the surface of the vote here in Missouri in order to see what went wrong and what can be done in the future to bring about this significant social change.

I’ll have more to say on Missouri and US politics over the next few months. But note that, at this time, Missouri is split, equally, between Bush and Kerry.

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