Modern marvels

Last night, I actually had my first video call through my computer. It was a trip. I enjoyed the experience immensely.

You see, that’s the advantage of not being the first to use a technology: when something is old hat to the rest of you, it’s new and exciting for me. My mom is the same–not the first to run out and try something new. She’s never really seen a computer, except as a box on people’s desk. She’s not ’seen’ the internet. She shows people the copies of the books I send her, but hasn’t the foggiest what I’m writing about.

However, she is moving into the digital age, and asked if she could have my older Nikon 995 digital camera. “Of course,” I said. I told her I would write detailed instructions on how to use all the lenses and filters. “Be sure to also write down what kind of film I should use,” she said.

She is going to be so blown away by this camera. I wish I could be there to see her face, and hear her laugh when she reaches the moment of discovery about how marvelous this new thing is.

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