More on Firefox

Another new, or I should say heavily modified, feature I accidentally discovered with the RC 1.0 version of Firefox (I don’t think it was in the .9x releases) is the “Find in this Page” text search capability. Previously, the search function was a window that would open, you’d type in the phrase, and it would scroll to item.

Now when you click the link for “Find in this Page”, a bar opens at the bottom of the browser. As you type in the word you want to find, Firefox immediately scrolls to the first word that matches the letters as they are being typed. And it works very, very fast, too.

You can also highlight the words if you want to see all occurrances in the page. And leave the Find bar up for use in all your pages, if you’re doing some heavy researching on a term.

Firefox beats out any other browser I’ve used, on either my Mac or my Windows laptops. Unfortunately, I still have to use IE for printing on my Windows 2000 laptop because Firefox does not work well with my printer. In fact, I have to re-boot the machine to kill the runaway process triggered by Firefox if I forget and do a print. But the HP drivers I have for this printer are badly behaved anyway (I must see if there are updates that fix the problem) so I’m not blaming the browser.

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