More on purist/straight photography

In an uncanny bit of serendipity, I was out looking for baby squirrel images (now why is she looking for images of baby squirrels, her reader’s ask), when I found before and after images of a baby squirrel that shows how Photoshop can be used to salvage a photo.

The before photo isn’t all that great – the background is noisy, the image is muddy, and you can barely see the baby squirrel.

But look at the after photo. Now, if that doesn’t have you going ‘ahhh’, then you don’t like baby squirrels. (Hush, qB–focus on fish.)

How far is too far in Photoshop? And do we think less of a photo that has been repaired or enhanced by Photoshop, than a photo that’s ’straight from the camera’?

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