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More on the RDF/RSS Patent fooflah

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

In case everyone’s confused with my postings about the patent issue, I want to go on record by saying that I’m strongly in favor of RDF. There. I know you were all really worried about that one. Okay now, stop worrying, go back to work.


Jeff Barr of Syndic8 was also a recipient of one of the infamous patent letters. He created a PatentWiki that duplicates the letter he received as well as providing other related information.

It just burns me to see people like Jeff — people who freely, openly, willingly, and gladly contribute to our technological growth –bothered with this type of legal manipulation.

More later — I’m too pissed to communicate now. Not without getting sued.


Dave Winer just came “out” with the information that Userland rec’d one of the patent letters.

Not surprising considering the other recipients.


I had a chance to read the RDF Patent letter; it’s definitely a fishing expedition. Hopefully, none of the recipients of the letter are responding to it. From what I can read, that’s exactly what the law firm is most likely looking for – responses. If I get permission, I’ll post a link to the letter here.

Personally, I’d like the ACLU to get involved in this. After all, what’s a better example of freedom of speech than open source and open standards/specifications? And what threatens said free speech more than the massive loopholes within the Patent system. Think about it.


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