Books Writing

Moving On

As much as I would like to continue writing about standards and networks, ‘open’ or otherwise, out here in the weblogging wasteland (Hark! Was that a cricket I heard?) I have to return to the book writing.

I debated whether to include a link to the Gallery album I set up for the figures and illustrations for the new book, as well as a link to the ongoing example development. On the one hand, you might be interested in following the progress, or trying out the examples (sans accompanying text). On the other hand, you won’t be interested, which means posting a link or not is moot.

Book figures

Book Examples

The figures will undergo cleanup and adjustment over time. I’ll probably be replacing some. I thought the links might be interesting for those of you who are curious about books ‘on the hoof’.

I also use my account to link to resource and reference sites and am building up a nice library of web graphics links. Well, in and among the political, climate, and diversity links.

Offline until I’m finished. Ta.

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