My annual Dear Jan letter

Everyone should have a Jan Sundberg.

A nice bit of normalcy did rear it’s head — I’ve had my annual, “F**k you!” from Jan Sundberg. Ever since I first published my four-part articles on the giant squid and cryptozoology and mentioned his rather, shall we say, ‘dubious’ adventures, I’ve had an email once a year, regular as clock work with barely coherent English telling me to go to hell. Or worse.

A bit of humor with this year’s email: he signed it Frida and made it sound like a supporter of his was sending it. Too bad no one ever told him that his name is in the ‘reply-to’ section of the email.

This is a nice break: do a search engine lookup on Jan Sundberg and then sit back and enjoy the results. Just be aware that not all Jan Sundbergs are alike.

I love the cryptozoologists — they are never boring.

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