My apolitical self

Kevin Hayden had some nice things to say about yours truly and other webloggers. I was especially thankful for his kind compliments on my photography.

I was taken back, though, when he introduced me as a member of blogs that are, “Good reads, even if apolitical”; especially considering that several of my posts in the last several years have been related in one way or another to the political scene.

I think some of the confusion arises from the fact that I’ve been labeled a ‘technology weblogger’–complimentary by some, less so by others (whatever suits the individual). Perhaps because technology and politics are two of the largest categories of webloggers, I’ll be seen as greedy wanting to be part of both.

Some of the the confusion could arise from the fact that I don’t focus solely on politics. But that’s not surprising because most of my attention outside of the weblog isn’t on politics, either. I am neither a senator nor a candidate for office, where politics is my life. Though the upcoming election is very important to me, as it is others, I also know that very little of what I can say here, one way or another will have much impact on what others d; or how they vote. Frankly, if I do write on politics, it’s usually because someone’s introduced some interesting new twist worth exploring.

I also don’t read that many ‘pure political’ weblogs outside of about half a dozen that manage to introduce some new twist on tired subjects (disagreeably or agreeably, matters not). Or they introduce charming dialog such as this (which I guess goes to show that the best of the ‘pure political’ weblogs aren’t purely political — there’s a clue here in this ).

I wonder how many posts I have to write on politics a week to be seen as a ‘political’ weblogger but without losing my ‘technology’ weblogger status? Since I also consider myself a feminist: how many posts do I have to write on this subject a week to be considered a ‘feminist’ blogger? As many as Ampersand?

After trying to be a technology weblogger who is also a political weblogger who is also a feminist, will I still have time for a photo, and maybe a poem or personal reflection now and again? A note about a hike, or a road trip? An aside about my cat? The task seems daunting; perhaps I’m just being needy, wanting to be seen as more than ‘just a…’

I’m not writing this to pick on Kevin. Well, yes I am, but I have no doubts that Kevin will accept this writing with humor and style. And, as I said earlier, I appreciate the lovely things he wrote about me and my work. Here’s a flower in thanks.

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