My SVG progress bar

In honor of Microsoft supporting SVG in IE9, Web Directions is hosting an application contest: create your best and most innovative progress element using SVG. Microsoft is providing the prizes, and they’re nice: a new laptop, XBox, and Lego Mindstorms kit. Tasty.

I was inspired to create my own SVG progress graphic applications, using a well known graphic that I borrowed from Wikipedia. I did the work for fun, and won’t be entering the contest. Why? For one, I don’t have a Windows machine that runs IE9 in order to test the application. For another, I’ve never been much of a contest type of person. Plus there’s that validation requirement: pretty tough when you combine SVG inline in XHTML5 with ARIA.

Note that you can access the page and the examples using any browser you want— including Safari. Either the applications work, or they don’t; I’m not going to stop you from trying them.

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