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My thanks to the pundits

Epiphany. After years and years of being cautious in my support of politics and careful in my understanding of all sides to an issue, I finally realized today that I have been pushed over the edge into “leftist liberalism”.

(Note that twenty years ago, I would be labeled a “leftist commie” rather than a “leftist liberal”. Sign of the times.)

I am finding that today, there exists a demand that one “choose a side” or that a side will be chosen for them. This concept is difficult for me because for years I wouldn’t “take a side”; I prefered to explore each issue on its own merit. Well, that’s all changed now. I am a leftist liberal. Better, I’m a leftist liberal who blogs.

My thanks to all those with such limited vision and narrow views — you’ve opened my eyes to the way things will be.

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