New Icy frost Leatherwood

Allan Moult has completely redesigned Leatherwood Online and I like the new look. It’s a variation on the triple column, but giving more prominence to the main content. Allan’s also created a bunch of new blogs to support the site.

One new section focuses entirely on the Antarctica, and I think this really gives the site the one last hook it needed, appealing to the scientist/adventurer in all of us. And think of the photo opportunities, such as the following photo from Doug Thost.

If I ever get around to trying out more new site looks, I’d like to do some based on that unique and glorious blue color that very old ice gets.

Of course, this new effort also fits with my interest in squid, in particular the giant varieties of squid. I’m working on an interview of Dick Williams, expedition leader for a unique land/marine study that resulted in this accidental photo of one of the larger squid species (still being determined).

But all my attention isn’t devoted completely to icy vistas and tenacious marine life. There was this recipe for warm stout and chocolate pudding that also caught my fancy…

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