New Starts

The start of a new year should in many ways be a day like every other day; we should always live each day as a both a grateful ending and a hopeful beginning. But I’ve always woken up on the first day of a new year energized, as if the mistakes of the past could be attached to a rock labeled “2003″ and tossed into existential waters, sinking quickly out of sight.

Of course, when I run nose first into the results of past action, I know that 2003, or any other year for that matter, does not exit gracefully. However, one can delude oneself for a moment or two when waking up and seeing the sun shining when it was supposed to be rain, and know that it’s the start of a new year, and the beginning of possibilities.

A new year for adventures. A new year to get into trouble. Lovely.

Three solid days of walking in favorite parks in St. Louis have helped me recover from physical aspects of the the trip, though the charges on the debit card at the bank make me wince a bit. It’s also beginning to look as if I may be out the rest of the monies owed me for the storage unit items from the person who bought them. We’ll see in a week or so, but I knew that was a possibility and am more philosophical about the fact than disappointed.

This is offset by the absolute kindness on the part of the folks who bought the mineral collection. Rather than me having to drive all the way to their home in the hills, the lady who bought the collection met me part way, saving me several hours driving time. Not only that, but she also brought me a rose quartz egg, and a couple of rock quartz from her collection as presents, so that I would have the start of a new collection.

Not to mention another story to add to my Book of Rocks.

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